Beaverdam Lake

In October of 1929, three hunting buddies decided to speculate in land.  They patched together six parcels of land far outside of Raleigh.  Halfway up Old Milburnie Rd— no, north of the Milburnie Fishing Camp, they parceled together nearly 200 acres of land that included a good bit of marshland, soon to be dammed, and to become a “hunting property”.  They called it Beaver Dam Lake. The three men were: Alexander Webb, Josiah Baliey, and Claude Barbee.

Conservation Easement

Protecting the Neuse

In 2018, Beaverdam Lake was put into a conservation easement. Spearheaded by Van Webb and Frances Bobbie, the grandson and great-granddaughter of Alexander Webb, Triangle Land Conservancy placed a conservation easement on the property.

Founding of OMF

Vegetables, Mushrooms, Chickens, Pigs, oh my!

In 2013, Daniel Dayton, the great, great grandson of Alexander Webb, founded Old Milburnie Farm. The farm operated for 6 years, providing local restaurants, farmers’ markets and a CSA with seasonal meat, produce and mushrooms. After 6 years and much hard work, Daniel decided to pursue a different path.